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Hong Kong Protesters rushed into Government Building over China extradition bill

July 1sth, the anniversary day that marks Hong Kong returned to Mainland China since 1997 has become a chaos day for Hong Kong as Hong Kong protesters’ movement continues. hundreds and thousands of angry Hong Kong protesters have broken the Legislative Council after a day clashed with local police officers. 

Those young Hong Kong protesters are masked and wear hard hats. They broke the windows of the Legislative Council. The protests have been going on for weeks over an extradition bill, which allows Mainland China to arrest suspects from Hong Kong. Many of these Hong Kong citizens fear their loss of freedom and overshadows by Communist China.

Protesters require a formally withdraw of the bill and ask the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam to step off from the office. However, the Beijing-backed Carrie Lam doesn’t seem to do so. 

Hong Kong was a colony of the British Empire from 1842 to 1997. After 1997, UK returned Hong Kong back to Mainland China. China has claimed that Hong Kong can maintain separate governing and economic system from China for 50 years. 

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