AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Mass Protest rally march in Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of People in Hong Kong, dressed in black, protesting on the streets on Sunday, requesting to end the proposed extradition bill and give a huge pressure to the leader of Hong Kong Carrie Lam.

Hong Kong people crowed on the street with signs on hands written “Resign” and “Withdraw”. The peaceful protesting aims to Carrie Lam who is incumbent Chief Executive of Hong Kong. 

Despite Lam suspended an extradition bill due to the pressure from Hong Kong people, the people still want Lam to step down from office.

Since Hong Kong transferred to China, Beijing has put multiple efforts to interrupt the independence of Hong Kong. The extradition bill, which could be seen as another Infiltration from Communist China caused a mass protest in Hong Kong. Lam is a Beijing-backed leader and behind the bill. So far Beijing has not shown a clear action on the mass protesting yet. 

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