Trump sues Deutsche Bank for Investigating His Financial Deals

According to the latest news, US President Trump, his family and his several business entities sue Deutsche Bank and Capital One in the US federal court. Trump, his three children and seven his companies filed the lawsuit to Deutsche Bank for trying to investigate his financial deals.

The lawsuit was filed in the Federal Court of New York to prevent Deutsche Bank and Capital One from collecting Trump’s financial and his family’s information and submitting it to Congress. The indictment alleges that “the investigation of the subpoena was harassed to Trump and was doing everything possible to find his personal, business and financial information about Trump and his family.”

In early April, the US House of Representatives launched an investigation into Trump’s finances. The Democratic Party is worried that Trump’s company will be affected by foreign. Trump had said he would stop the Democratic Party from investigating his personal information

As the most reliable lender of Trump, Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, has been investigated by many investigation groups for trying to dig something from Trump’s business deals with other countries.

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