Deep Analysis of Putin-Kim Meeting

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met on April 24 in Vladivostok, Russia.

Both North Korea and Russia announced that the talks were very successful. Putin and Kim Jong-un are pleased. However, it could not be like what they were.
There were no any outcomes after talks, no agreements, no announcement. At the press conference, they only talked about friendships and not talked about reality. Both North Korea and Russia speak their own words; the scheduled activities for Kim had all cancelled; Putin left early, and Kim Jong-un returned to North Korea earlier than the scheduled date. Additionally, Putin and Kim Jong-un have given each other a late arrival. Being late for a small populated city like Vladivostok is hard. It seems that it was intentional.
This rare meeting of the two heads of state gave people a smog, causing many speculations in the international media to uncover some questions.
The author believes that it is necessary to look for clues from the particular demands of both parties to the talks.
North Korea initially requested the meeting, and a foreign minister was sent to Moscow to talk about the talks a month ago. It shows that North Korea is desperately seeking some help from Russia.
The reason is simple: Kim needs a strong ally to back up North Korea since the failed second Tump-Kim meeting in Vietnam. Kim actually should not have to do this if he is willing to do the denuclearisation; all Kim’s need is to continue the talks with America.

However, like articles that I wrote about the denuclearisation of North Korea before, I do not think North Korea is willing to denuclearise. Kim’s real purpose for the meeting is to fool Trump and America with couple disability of Nuclear test sites and get the Peace treaty from America.

Thus, the first request from North Korea is Russia has to give protection to North Korea in its nuclear ability, and it can be done by secretly. For example, those aids from Russia can be down by either helping North Korea hide its nuclear facilities or equipment in Russia or shelter Nuclear experts from North Korea.  

The second request from North Korea is to ask Russia for the territorial claims of Sakhalin. North Korea has always claimed they are descendants of the ancient Goguryeo. They and other ethnic groups in Northeast China, Qidan, Jurchen, Mongolia and other ethnic groups proliferate in Changbai Mountain and Heilongjiang.
After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, North Korea had asked the Chinese government for territorial claims in the Northeast. In the 1950s, Mao Zedong assigned half of Changbai Mountain to North Korea, and North Korea renamed Changbai Mountain as “Paektu Mountain.”
Vladivostok and Sakhalin used to be a part of the northeastern region of China. They were successively invaded by Russia after the Opium War in 1840 and forced the Qing government to sign the “Treaty of Aigun” and “Beijing Treaty”, which is classified as Russian territory. North Korea had requested territorial of northeastern Chinese provinces from China. Don’t you think it will not ask from Russia?
I bet Kim Jong-un must have said something that should not be said, which has angered Putin. For example, Kim Jong-un may say that he wants to “inspect” the appropriate facilities in Vladivostok. What is “inspection”? The term “inspection” is used to guide the work of national leaders at a local level.
You may think what a fool can speak like this in another country?
Kim Jong-un’s father and grandfather had done such things when they visited China. When Kim Jong Il visited China, he was asking then Chinese president Jiang Zemin that he would “inspect” the three northeastern provinces. “What?” Jiang Zemin asked: Is it a visit? Kim Jong Il said: “No, it is an Inspection”! Jiang Zemin is confused and thinking about what is going on?

When Kim Il-sung visited China, he said that he would inspect the three northeastern provinces. Zhou Enlai who was the primary minister at that time reported to Mao. Mao said that the three northeastern regions could give them. Therefore, Kim Jong-un is likely to say this as well.

Why is Kim Jong-un so ignorant? 
It is a common problem. When North Korea and Vietnam first asked China for assistance, it was a request mentality, but Premier Zhou Enlai said to them, “don’t be so polite!” You have made bloodshed at the front to fight against US imperialism and reactionaries, so we have the peace. We support you.” North Korea and Vietnam have figured out that China uses its life and blood in exchange for peace. So no matter much much and what they asked they deserve it. As a result, the guests have become hosts.

China has given tremendous goods and territory to its neighbour countries since World War 2 end. For example, China gave Fengwei Island to Vietnam and carried the Kokang district, which used to be a part of Yunnan Provance to Myanmar. 

China calls its socialism neighbours as brothers, In the Korean War, China sacrificed and lost many lives to protect Kim’s family and Kim’s family has not appreciated it at all.

Kim Jong-un’s logical is I am a small country who dares to challenge the most powerful countries in the world such as the United States and Russia. Do you dare? I am here to block you from the “invasion from Western Imperialists and ask you something, and you have to give something to me!”
It seems that Kim Jong-un believes that the game he played among these big countries is very smooth. He has been intoxicated and can’t help himself. The question is How long can he play?

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