Is the Green Deal good or bad for America?

Is the green deal is good or bad for America? The green new deal is economic reform and action to address the so-call world’s global warming.

It quiet looks good and sounds good when it comes moral and ethics; however, there are a lot of question marks over the head of the new deal. The most activity country on green economy and environmentalist on earth is China. Is it funny because China has almost half of the environmental activists of the world, but China is still one of the most heavily polluted nations in the world. You maybe question why a country with such a big number of environmental activists and groups and even cannot fix the problem.  

China pushes the green agenda all over the world and has sent out its environmental groups, foundations and people to join the relates conferences. The only problem here is if other developed countries and the western world follow the new green deal, will China follow? So far we do not see a clear answer based on China’s current system.

If America implements the green new deal, it will hurt the American economy more than it cut to others because America is the most developed nation and most democracy on the earth.

Maybe America needs a deal that is not the green new deal but another one. President Trump once called climate change a Chinese hoax.

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