Chinese businesswoman Cindy Yang: I am not Chinese Spy

A photo taken with US President Trump has caused Chinese-American businesswoman Cindy Young trouble in the United States. Cindy Yang who is from Northeast China came to the United States to do business, She has done a lot of different jobs, but her massage parlor in Florida had involved in the prostitution business. The massage parlor called Asia Day Spa where Trump’s friend, the Owner of New England Patriots Robert Kraft was arrested for facing two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution.

The Democratic politician sent a letter to the FBI asking to investigate the background of Cindy Young and suspected that Cindy Young is a spy sent by the Chinese government. Cindy Young went an interview with ABC News after the Democratic Party’s move and said that she is not a Chinese spy. Cindy Young said that she had sold the Spa seven years ago, there is nothing to do with her and she has never promised access to president Trump and his family members.

However, magazine Mother Jones reported that Cindy Young had opened a consulting firm called GY US, which specifically was targeting businessmen from China and advertised that they could help customers meet with Trump or their family members at Mar O largo.

Now, the website of the consulting company had taken down and her photo with trump also be removed from her social network. She said that she supports President Trump and loves the United States. She is not good at English and is now afraid to explain.

Although there is no direct evidence that Cindy Young is currently engaged in prostitution or human trafficking at her business, the Democratic Party has asked the FBI to investigate whether Cindy Young’s business has involved in human trafficking. An FBI spokesperson told ABC News that they could not admit or deny whether they would investigate Cindy Young.

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